Maintenance and Repairs

A more precise summary of repairs and various fixes detailed in my Lancia Aprilia Blog.

Rear Brakes - May 2007

The brakes were the first repair I had to do on the Aprilia after it had arrived from the UK in early 2007. About 4km along the first long drive slowing to turn left there were no brakes, some frantic pedal pumping got them back but for the next 350km I had to pump the pedal every time I wanted to stop.

Starter Motor - Nov 2012

Starting the engine had become difficult with the starter motor turning slowly. Following my normal means of picking the wrong problem I thought the battery had died, but with a new 6 volt battery the issue remained.

Zenith 36VI-2 Carburettor  - October 2013

The Aprilia, like quite a few others, is fitted with an English made Zenith 36VI-2 carburettor instead of the standard Italian made Zenith 32/VIM. Along with slightly opened inlet ports these give a noticeable increase in performance.


Fuel Tank Repair - July 2014

Warning. Working on fuel tanks is extremely dangerous, even ones that haven't had petrol in them for 20 - 30 years. Do not attempt to open it yourself, go to an experienced expert.