John Goulstone’s invoices are hand written and a little confusing as Anthony was also having a Lagonda restored at the same time and they seem to be a little mixed up!

Along with John, Nick Gruit was also working on the car. Their attention to detail was excellent as the body still shows no sign of rust today.




24 February 1992

Invoice 14

Aprilia Restoration Note - 13

     -     Rust is the enemy -

Nick Gruit

10th January 1992

8 hours

L.H. front wing, .......?, cut out & let in new material, weld, file planish etc. to correct shape, re wire edge. Clean up and paint.


3’ x3’ steel, strip and clean disc, grinding wheel & discs, welding rods, paint, wire edging, lead.

11th January 1992

4 hours

Complete rear most(?) section. Cut out replace part inner mounting flange, weld and shape, weld up splits. Roll back steel from damaged wire edge (front), replace wire and re wire edge, beat hammer back into shape.

14th January 1992

4 1/2 hours

Remove inner edge stiffener, clean out rust to see extent of repair. Template make up section, let into wing, re wire edge, clean up weld.

15th January 1992

2 1/2 hours

Mig weld unwanted holes (side edge of wing) and grind clean up welds. Lightly hammer and reshape generally, clean up.

17th January 1992

6 hours

L.H. Rear Wing.

Make from steel side section L.H. rear wing, cut out rot area, let in new section. Weld hammer shape etc.. Re wire edge, re shape as required, tidy up welds etc.

23rd January 1992.

9 hours.

Make from steel lower front section, cut out rot and let in and weld. Re wire lower edge. Hammer pull into shape, clean up welds. Cut out & let new inner flanges, weld re shape & clean up. Weld up cracks & splits. Cut out and weld in patch lower rear area, hammer shape and clean up.

22nd February 1992

4 hours

O/S Rear Wing.

Cut out rot area (outer edge). Template and make section. Let into wing, commence welding into place.

24th February 1992

11 hours

Complete weld of outer edge. Re wire and clean up weld. Hammer and shape to suit. Let in and re wire. Small front section. Cut out rusted mounting flange areas and let in new materials, reshape etc. Generally knock out dents and shape up etc

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